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Dr. Jill Suess


A native of Tenino, Washington, Dr. Jill Suess grew up knowing that she loved science and biology, but it was not until her early years of college that she found her love for veterinary medicine. Some children grow up saying they want to be a veterinarian, but if you asked young Jill what she wanted to be, she would have given you a very extensive list of the very many things that she wanted to do in her life!

When it was time for college, Jill knew she was meant to be in the science community and followed her fascination with biology. She started on the path of becoming a pharmacist before going into human diagnostics and being accepted into a very competitive ultrasound program in Bellevue. Instead of accepting the position in the program, Jill pivoted towards Western Washington University and a Bachelor’s Degree in English…. where she finally came to the realization that it had been veterinary medicine all along!

Jill’s owner, Benedict, is a well-known border collie mix in the canine community. He would tell you that Jill’s life is far from slow! Not only is Jill a proud mother to three humans (Toby, Chloe, and Noah), she also shares her home with Benedict’s shared army of rescue pets. Kitties and ducks, chickens and horses, among all other critters of life can be found living mostly harmoniously on her property. There are hopes to add in some of the small ruminant varieties (sheep! goats!) someday.

Soccer games, basketball games, piano concerts, cross-country meets, ninja gymnastics and gymnastics lessons, swimming… lots of swimming, more soccer games, band performances, jazz band rehearsals, and reviewing the latest writing and art pieces of her daughter’s creation take up most of Jill’s time outside of practicing medicine, though she does find the occasional moment to read, go for a run, work on her knitting, write a story, or tend to her garden!

In 2019, Jill took the opportunity to further her interest in acupuncture and veterinary medicine. Today, pets in her care are treated with a focus on nutrition, laser therapy, herbal therapy, and chiropractic care. Jill works in her practice and community to continually grow this passion. This attention to alternative medicine helps her find even more ways to use integrative medicine to create a personalized approach with each pet and pet family.

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