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We practice integrative medicine. We offer high quality traditional medical care, such as preventive health, dentistry, surgery, parasite control, and other important veterinary services. But to truly treat every pet the right way, often times we must go deeper. We integrate traditional medicine with nutrition, acupuncture, and other modalities when appropriate. We are passionate about helping your pet live in total health, happiness, and wellness. And when you entrust your pet to us, you know that they are on the road to exactly that. Serving Rochester, Tenino, Tumwater, Centralia, Chehalis and surrounding areas. Call today to book an appointment!

The New Home Of Dr. Jill Suess

The next step is for you to give us a call now. Our caring team will take a couple minutes to ask you basic questions about your pet’s health, what you want out of your visit, and will find a time that is convenient for your schedule. During your visit, we will greet you warmly and will soon escort you to your private exam room. And we are passionate about the way we do things here. Not just the big things, like the consistency and quality of medicine practiced, but the little things… teaching our team to care for you more empathetically, investing in the right equipment for next-gen care standards, and more. To us, this is the veterinary practice we always would have wanted for our own pets. So give us a call now. After all, we built it for you.


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